Project #4: Part 1

April 26, 2010

Honda U3-X Vehicle

The vehicle itself doesn’t seem to go much faster than a normal person walks. It needs to be on a very flat and clean surface to use. It doesn’t seem to be all that comfortable to sit on. But the futuristic look and movement of the vehicle inspire us with thoughts of the future, and what kind of devices we will use in the future. For me in particular, it strikes me as being very Jetsons-esque. All that aside, the vehicle seems to be quite useless.

Digital Tattoos

These “digital tattoos” that will go under the skin and powered by our own blood could very well be the new hip body disfigurement fad. Like the Honda U3-X, doesn’t seem to be all that more efficient or useful than something like a watch or other devices of that nature. It seems to be something that just seems very futuristic. People seem to be quick to accept and adopt technologies regardless of the efficiency if it is something that is cutting edge or futuristic.

Circular Bookshelf

Again, the issue of efficiency and usability come to mind for me when I see something like this. The inventor of the bookshelf says that “the bookshelf is not ideal for long trips, but we can’t think of a better solution if you need to, say, move down the street”. You are supposed to be able to walk with your book collection as you read. Of course, that would be very difficult and the books, unless the exact right size would probably shift and fall out after attempting to move this giant hamster wheel. But it is an interesting solution to making a giant book collection more mobile.

Arm Friendly Pillow

This is pillow is in contrast to the bookshelf in that it solves a very specific problem, sleeping on your arm, in a very direct and efficient way, meaning that there is room in society for these very specific and particular devices. I personally can see myself using this as I usually sleep on my arm.


This is also similar to the Arm Friendly Pillow in that it is a very simple and direct solution to a problem. This “chair” was inspired by a picture of an Ayoreo Indian using a device similar to this. It’s a very simplistic and primitive solution, but it is none the less effective.


Thursday, Feb 18.

February 22, 2010


  • Avid video game player
  • Frustrated easily by technology
  • Things tend to break around me for no apparent reason


The stage is my room. It is a simple small apartment in the Eighth Street East Apartments. I have a nice comfy chair, an Xbox 360, and a nice Vizio TV. The lights are usually dimmed desk and floor lamps, as I hate florescent lights.


This most often takes place in my room when I have nothing else going on. There is no work that needs to be done, it’s quite, and I just want to relax and play video games. But my Xbox usually has other plans. There are quite a few things broken with my Xbox and they have the habit of happening pretty much anytime I ever want to play a game. If it is not freezing, it is giving me disc read errors. I sometimes can’t even get the disc tray to eject to put the game in the system. And on a few rare occasions, I have gotten the worst of it, the dreaded Red Ring of Death. If you are not familiar with this, it is three lights that blink on the system to tell you that your system is broken and needs to be sent away to be fixed.


  1. I sit down to play some video games
  2. I go over to open the disc tray to put the game in, but it jams constantly. So I must sit next to the system fiddling with the eject button and tray until finally I can get it to open.
  3. After finally getting the tray open and putting the game in
  4. The game inevitably freezes or gets a disc read error, however.
  5. Frustrated, I reset the system and attempt to play the game.
  6. All of these occurrences, depending on it happening enough, ultimately leads to me being very frustrated and annoyed and abandoning the game altogether.

In Class Circle Drawing

February 22, 2010

Here is what I could get done in a minute in class.

In Class Face Drawing

February 22, 2010

This isn’t actually a picture drew of me. There was some confusion at my table on who was drawing who, so this is actually a drawing of the person next to me.

Short Assignment #4

February 22, 2010

When thinking about the products that most impact your life, the obvious place to start is to think: “What products do I use most?”. That is not always the product or device that is most significant or powerful in your life, however. I started to think about what products I use that I feel are most impactful. The first thing that came to mind was a pencil I have had since freshman year of high school. But there is only so much you can say about a pencil; instead I have decided to talk about my car. Words cannot describe how much I love my car. It is not especially fast, nor is it big and intimidating, and it is actually quite ugly and beaten up at the moment. But over the years since I have had it, I have started to form, what some have said, is an irrational attachment to the car.

The car is a BMW 1990 525i. I got it during my junior year of high school from my grandfather. It was his old company car, and when he retired he bought it from the company. He then passed it down to me as he never drove it because he had recently bought a new car. So it has become much more than just a car for me. I almost consider it a family heirloom. Something I need to pass down to my kids if I can keep it around long enough. It has become my own Ramblin’ Wreck, if you will.

There is nothing technically amazing about the car. It has just over 100,000 miles, which is amazing for a car that is 20 years old. I have also been told the car could last up to 500,000 miles if I take good enough care of it (which is probably part of the reason I’ve been wanting to hold on to the car for so long). Over the past year however, the car seems to be falling apart. I have had to fix the suspension, fixed an issue with the gas intake, replaced tires and spark plugs, and it now has an issue with a very noisy drive belt.

There is nothing especially flashy or outstanding about how the car looks. It is painted an unassuming dark green. The paint itself is faded and is starting to chip and erode from sun damage. The rims are the standard ones that came with the car all those years ago, which have since become stained and dirty. The tires are brand new however. I had to replace them recently as the car has been rolling on the same tires from day one. I was told by the mechanic that the rubber was so degraded that I could have been one big speed bump away from losing all four tires at the same time. The car’s body itself is covered in tiny nicks and dents. One dent in particular on the hood is from when I attempted to slide across the hood Dukes of Hazards style.

The interior is just as unordinary. The inside is covered with tan leather. The leather is now stained, fading, and cracking. Regardless, it is still the most comfortable seat around after a long day. One feature that I love is the driver and passenger side seats have heat warmers, which have been a godsend this winter. However, I often find myself cursing them in the summer for not being cooled seats. The radio and speakers have got to be the best feature of the interior. They are all brand new. I have just gotten them after a good year and a half without any radio after my previous one had broken. It is not especially roomy inside, but can comfortably sit five and uncomfortably sit about seven.

My favorite aspects about my car though are the ones that could actually be considered faults. Things like the passenger-side back door does not open because the locks are jammed, or that the car goes into complete lock down mode if the car battery dies. Because the locks are unlocked and locked electronically, if there is no battery power, you cannot get in. There was one instance that I had to get my roommate’s girlfriend (who is quite tiny) to get in my trunk and climb through the whole in the back seat to pop the trunk. Of course I know now there is a special way to turn the key to get in the car if there is no power, but at the time that’s the best solution we had come up with.

People constantly ask me why I keep dumping money into the car, especially during the cash for clunkers deal that had been going on a while ago. The truth is I don’t know why I love my car so much. You just build up these relationships with your things, particularly ones that you use and are in contact with on a constant basis. We have a way of personifying these inanimate objects, we understand them, we connect with them, we bond with them. Not only do we become used to the little quirks in our everyday things, but we come to expect those quirks. Sometimes even preferring the oddities of our products. This goes back to when we were children and had our stuffed animals and action figures that we had gotten attached to.

Short Assignment #3

February 22, 2010

Part 1:

It seems like there is an organization field that falls into almost every one of the “ultimate hatracks”. In iTunes you can organize songs Name (alphabetical), Time (time), Artist (category), Album (category), Genre (category), or Rating (hierarchy). I usually organize my library by Artist. It makes browsing for a certain song by an artist very quick, as I usually can’t remember the certain name of a song, but will remember the artist. If there is one problem I have with iTunes is that you can’t browse through just artists. It is annoying having to scroll through each song by each artist to get down to a certain song I am looking for.

Part 2:



  • Tech section
  • Clicked on an article about Nasa
  • Which lead to an article about how the crew of the Endeavour was inspecting the ship on their way to the ISS
  • Which lead to the related topic of “Space Shuttle Endeavour”
  • Which finally lead to the “Endeavour Lifts off on Two-week Mission”


  • Politics section
  • Some random article about another Republican which lead to the GOP topic
  • After this I got lost in an endless links leading no where close to the article I needed to find



  • Technology section
  • Found a link on the tech’s main page about the news story “Space Shuttle Endeavour Launches from Flordia”


  • America’s section
  • From here I went through the sight hoping to find related articles, but again seem to get no closer to the desired article

Uses for a Paper Clip

February 22, 2010
  • Impermanently binding paper together
  • Rudimentary lock-pick
  • Specialized tool for clicking the reset button on some electronics
  • Funny/ironic h’oderve’s server for office parties
  • Makeshift shiv
  • Hair barrette
  • If you are McGuyver, the paperclip can be used as any single integral part to any makeshift device you make
  • Used as a form of stress relief (straightening the paper clip out)
  • Can be bent into a spring
  • Fashioned into an ironic piece of jewelry for hipsters
  • Can be linked together to make a chain
  • Pin-point scratcher
  • Can be used to complete a broken circuit
  • Paperclip + Gum = miniature  grabber of tiny objects in hard to reach places.