Short Assignment #3

Part 1:

It seems like there is an organization field that falls into almost every one of the “ultimate hatracks”. In iTunes you can organize songs Name (alphabetical), Time (time), Artist (category), Album (category), Genre (category), or Rating (hierarchy). I usually organize my library by Artist. It makes browsing for a certain song by an artist very quick, as I usually can’t remember the certain name of a song, but will remember the artist. If there is one problem I have with iTunes is that you can’t browse through just artists. It is annoying having to scroll through each song by each artist to get down to a certain song I am looking for.

Part 2:



  • Tech section
  • Clicked on an article about Nasa
  • Which lead to an article about how the crew of the Endeavour was inspecting the ship on their way to the ISS
  • Which lead to the related topic of “Space Shuttle Endeavour”
  • Which finally lead to the “Endeavour Lifts off on Two-week Mission”


  • Politics section
  • Some random article about another Republican which lead to the GOP topic
  • After this I got lost in an endless links leading no where close to the article I needed to find



  • Technology section
  • Found a link on the tech’s main page about the news story “Space Shuttle Endeavour Launches from Flordia”


  • America’s section
  • From here I went through the sight hoping to find related articles, but again seem to get no closer to the desired article

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