Uses for a Paper Clip

  • Impermanently binding paper together
  • Rudimentary lock-pick
  • Specialized tool for clicking the reset button on some electronics
  • Funny/ironic h’oderve’s server for office parties
  • Makeshift shiv
  • Hair barrette
  • If you are McGuyver, the paperclip can be used as any single integral part to any makeshift device you make
  • Used as a form of stress relief (straightening the paper clip out)
  • Can be bent into a spring
  • Fashioned into an ironic piece of jewelry for hipsters
  • Can be linked together to make a chain
  • Pin-point scratcher
  • Can be used to complete a broken circuit
  • Paperclip + Gum = miniature  grabber of tiny objects in hard to reach places.

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