Thursday, Feb 18.

February 22, 2010


  • Avid video game player
  • Frustrated easily by technology
  • Things tend to break around me for no apparent reason


The stage is my room. It is a simple small apartment in the Eighth Street East Apartments. I have a nice comfy chair, an Xbox 360, and a nice Vizio TV. The lights are usually dimmed desk and floor lamps, as I hate florescent lights.


This most often takes place in my room when I have nothing else going on. There is no work that needs to be done, it’s quite, and I just want to relax and play video games. But my Xbox usually has other plans. There are quite a few things broken with my Xbox and they have the habit of happening pretty much anytime I ever want to play a game. If it is not freezing, it is giving me disc read errors. I sometimes can’t even get the disc tray to eject to put the game in the system. And on a few rare occasions, I have gotten the worst of it, the dreaded Red Ring of Death. If you are not familiar with this, it is three lights that blink on the system to tell you that your system is broken and needs to be sent away to be fixed.


  1. I sit down to play some video games
  2. I go over to open the disc tray to put the game in, but it jams constantly. So I must sit next to the system fiddling with the eject button and tray until finally I can get it to open.
  3. After finally getting the tray open and putting the game in
  4. The game inevitably freezes or gets a disc read error, however.
  5. Frustrated, I reset the system and attempt to play the game.
  6. All of these occurrences, depending on it happening enough, ultimately leads to me being very frustrated and annoyed and abandoning the game altogether.

In Class Circle Drawing

February 22, 2010

Here is what I could get done in a minute in class.

In Class Face Drawing

February 22, 2010

This isn’t actually a picture drew of me. There was some confusion at my table on who was drawing who, so this is actually a drawing of the person next to me.