Project 4: Critical Design

Honda U3-X Vehicle

The vehicle itself doesn’t seem to go much faster than a normal person walks. It needs to be on a very flat and clean surface to use. It doesn’t seem to be all that comfortable to sit on. But the futuristic look and movement of the vehicle inspire us with thoughts of the future, and what kind of devices we will use in the future. For me in particular, it strikes me as being very Jetsons-esque. All that aside, the vehicle seems to be quite useless.

Digital Tattoos

These “digital tattoos” that will go under the skin and powered by our own blood could very well be the new hip body disfigurement fad. Like the Honda U3-X, doesn’t seem to be all that more efficient or useful than something like a watch or other devices of that nature. It seems to be something that just seems very futuristic. People seem to be quick to accept and adopt technologies regardless of the efficiency if it is something that is cutting edge or futuristic.

Circular Bookshelf

Again, the issue of efficiency and usability come to mind for me when I see something like this. The inventor of the bookshelf says that “the bookshelf is not ideal for long trips, but we can’t think of a better solution if you need to, say, move down the street”. You are supposed to be able to walk with your book collection as you read. Of course, that would be very difficult and the books, unless the exact right size would probably shift and fall out after attempting to move this giant hamster wheel. But it is an interesting solution to making a giant book collection more mobile.

Arm Friendly Pillow

This is pillow is in contrast to the bookshelf in that it solves a very specific problem, sleeping on your arm, in a very direct and efficient way, meaning that there is room in society for these very specific and particular devices. I personally can see myself using this as I usually sleep on my arm.


This is also similar to the Arm Friendly Pillow in that it is a very simple and direct solution to a problem. This “chair” was inspired by a picture of an Ayoreo Indian using a device similar to this. It’s a very simplistic and primitive solution, but it is none the less effective.

Assumptions about Technology

-Technology seems to become more comfortable and ergonomic. Why is comfort such an important aspect of a product? Is it so we are more likely to use it longer?

-Technology is supposed to be more efficient and makes things easier for us. Does it actually make our lives less complicated?

-Technology gets smaller, more powerful, and affordable as time passes. This seems to be a natural process in anything. But could it be said that this progress is nullified by the fact that it will most likely be out of date within a few months?

-Technology is becoming ever more interconnected and ubiquitous. While it seems like we are always connected to each other through electronic means, would you consider us to be more connected as people?

-Technology is becoming more specific and customizable. With the rise of importance of online avatars and persona’s, customization is an important role in technology, but does it always reflect who we really are or who we want people to think we are.

Design Concepts

  • Off-Kilter Chair: a chair that is always off-balance, no matter how much you try to balance it
  • Mattress with a hole in it for the “awkward arm”: this is a mattress with a hole in the side where a person can put the “awkward” arm when lying in bed with another person.
  • Bubble wheel: a wheel with bubble-wand spokes. You would crank the wheel and the wands would dip in the bubbles and as you spin it, the air forces bubbles to come out
  • Shaker pen: a pen you need to constantly shake to get it to draw
  • Shoe Corral: a device that you would keep next to your door that would not only take your shoe off in one motion, but would also store them in the box as well.
  • Direct/Indirect Lamp: a lamp with a lamp shade that will shift it from a direct light source and an indirect light source
  • An electronic device that would restart/reboot if hit hard enough
  • Lumpy Bed: a bed with a slowly moving lump. Repositioning yourself away from the lump would be pointless as the lump would move to a new spot as you shifted.
  • Alarm Clock: an alarm clock that won’t turn off unless you hit every sing button EXCEPT the snooze button
  • An electronic device that will just stop working when it senses the user is being productive.

Project 1

Here is our groups work thus far. This includes all of our Project 1 posters until I can figure out how to break up a gallery in WordPress. The last poster in the gallery is our final submission. My group members were Kaliyana Finney and Vu Ha.


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